We began in 2016, after a 6 week stay at the hospital where my father was fighting for his life. When the dust settled, we had a "Good Talk"..., and Good Talk Ministries began.

John and Nicholas Cowie

John and Nicholas Cowie

Good Talk Ministries is a collaboration between a father and son that was created in the Spring of 2016. End Times Espresso is an outreach of Good Talk Ministries.

To understand the present, we must go back to the past. In 2014, John Cowie and his son Nicholas Cowie began a weekly, home-based Bible study. The studies were designed to be more of an open forum and allowed for contribution from both John and Nicholas. The desire was to study the word of God and allow for an environment where people could ask questions and be a part of a discussion rather than sit and be preached to. The studies utilized extra-biblical texts, such as the Book of Enoch, and the Book of Jubilees as reference in order to gain a deeper understanding or a greater perspective of some of the events detailed in the Bible. I will clarify this one thing: The Bible is the infallible, perfect word of God, and is the basis for which all teaching is derived. There is no text that is elevated above it. The extra-biblical texts are used and understood in more of a historical context and are not on the same level as the Bible.

Through the course of the following years, and many "good talks" concerning the Word, we gained some understanding of some key tenants or principals of Christianity. We discussed God's love and his sacrifice and how it's the greatest example of love ever told! We talked about the signs of the times, of the world we're in, and our understanding of God's Word. It was a time of growth and fellowship together in the comfort of a home.

In the spring of 2016, John was hospitalized. What began as pneumonia, spiraled out of control and grew to become necrotizing pneumonia. Along with this, his organs began to shut down, he was septic, with mrsa, and they had to remove part of his lung. His body was failing, and he was dying.

I remember when I got the phone call from my mom. I was just walking out of Costco. "You need to get here now! We're putting you on the next available flight. Your dad is dying" was what I was told. My dad is dying?... I got home from Costco, and before I could even begin to pack, I sat on the edge of the bed and cried. The realization of losing my father had set in. I flew that night. 

John - Hospital

When I got to the hospital, after trying to comfort my mom (but c'mon, they've been married for more than 3 decades and now faced with the possibility of never having your best friend, partner in life, and your other half with you again, how would you be feeling?), I sat by my dad. It was an emotional time, waiting for him to wake up from a medically induced coma, not knowing if he would, and doctors that don't seem to have any faith in a recovery... Well, he woke up following a 6 week comma. When he did, we had a "good talk" about a place to discuss the end times.

Initially he said he dreamed we had a coffee shop, served espresso, and talked about the end times. My mom was there and served muffins. But it caused me to think... I figured that a website was the best way to reach the masses and begin the discussion, so EndTimesEspresso.com was born. Through the time spent in dialysis, blogs were being written by John, and posted by me. This in itself was a unique thing as someone who has just overcome what is described above and is in the middle of dialysis may not be able to accomplish what he did. Simply by the grace of God.

Fast forward almost 2 years and John has been healed by God. No more dialysis. No more physical therapy. No pneumonia. The trouble breathing, the difficulty in completing very simple tasks like using a microwave, the difficulty in focusing.. God healed him. It was in fact, a miracle. Through this time, the website has evolved and expanded. There's a current news section that is amazing and completely relevant for news around the globe that has prophetical implications. There's a newsletter (sign up on the bottom) that provides highlights from the site, a new facebook page, and new sections on the site still to come.

Cowie 1

Nicholas Cowie (this writer) is the son of John and the other half of this Ministry team. I'm a husband, father of 4 (two foster siblings and two step-children), and a born again Christian. I was raised in the church and accepted Christ at a young age. When I was around 18, I walked away. I walked away from God. I went out and decided to live life as I saw fit and not in accordance with the word of God or even basic Christianity. I learned (the hard way) that life apart from God, from His peace, His comfort, His joy, was dark and meaningless. Any experience gained while away from God just wasn't worth it. There was pain, and sadness, and loneliness, and guilt. At the end of the day, I felt alone. I was away from God for some 10 years. The crazy thing is, He was always with me. I turned my back, walked away, but he never left me. I met my wife Amanda near the end of the 10 years, randomly, at the beach. We were both there for a birthday party. I was like a leaf during that time, going where the wind took me. No purpose or direction, no morality, and at the mercy of the world, just selfishness and sin. Well one night, my girlfriend and I (now wife), were at a Harvest Crusade (long story but totally the hand of God). When the call to come to the field was given, I expected us to leave. But, she stood up! She made the decision to follow after Christ that night, and I re-dedicated my life to him. We were married shortly after and moved to Colorado some years later. All praise and honor go to God. If it were not for the grace of God, and His mercy, and His unconditional love, coupled with the unceasing prayers of those concerned with my soul (like my dad), I wouldn't be here now. I can count on more than one hand the times I should have died, but didn't. Thank you Jesus!

Due to privacy concerns, some faces must be blocked.

Due to privacy concerns, some faces must be blocked.

Meet my family. Invite your friends and family. Become part of the ETE (End Times Espresso) family.

Our goal is simple, to allow for a place to discuss the End Times. All are welcome, and questions/comments are encouraged. Be sure to check out and like the facebook page, and subscribe to the weekly newsletter to stay informed.

Thank you for checking us out, and we'll talk to you soon!



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