Near Death...

Perhaps some of you may have had a similar experience, or something of this nature, and you may have found yourself with a glimpse of what may be on the other side. Possibly seeing demons, or talking to angels. Maybe you have seen your life play like a movie and the ending you saw wasn't what you expected.

When you come back to the land of the living, and your mind and heart are filled with many questions, there is one thing that is certain: this will certainly perform a "spiritual reset"...

You see, when you have been to the brink, literally dying, and return from that, your perspective changes. This is something that just about every cancer survivor can relate to, as well as any individual that has survived something that would have, and should have killed them.

It seems that when death is at the door, and the situation seems like there is no hope, people turn toward some form of religion. More often than not, God is finally recognized by those that don't know Him. We beg God for a miracle, and often don't have the faith to believe He can do it. When we have a right relationship with Jesus, and we know that we know that we know that our soul is secure with God, the belief in a miracle, and in it's actual ability to really happen, can be a simple act of faith.

Ask yourself, can I give a little more, and go a little deeper in my faith in Jesus? Can I get a little closer to the state I need to be in so that I may be able to overcome by the blood of the lamb, and the word of my testimony?

Do you love your life unto death?