1. US moves toward a rapid, complete withdrawal of its military forces from Syria

  2. Trump announces sanctions against Turkey over Syria invasion

  3. U.S. to Deploy 3,000 Troops to Saudi Arabia to Bolster Defense Against Iran After Oil Attack

  4. White House 'will not co-operate with impeachment inquiry'

  5. Trump: "I Will Totally Destroy And Obliterate" The Turkish Economy If Erdogan Breaks Promises In Syria

  6. Erdogan's Syria Invasion Begins: Turkish Jets Filmed Bombing Kurdish Targets

  7. Trump defended his controversial decision to pull US forces out of Syria

  8. House Dems believe they have enough votes to pass articles of impeachment

  9. U.S.-North Korea nuclear talks have broken off: North Korea negotiator

  10. U.S. approves possible sale of anti-tank missiles to Ukraine

  11. Trump says China should investigate the Bidens amid impeachment furor

  12. Franklin Graham calls for prayer to 'change hearts' of Democrats

  13. Trump alleges Democratic ‘coup’ as impeachment standoff intensifies

  14. With treason claim and warning of ‘civil war,’ Trump ramps up Twitter rhetoric

  15. Ominous Warnings About Coming Stock Market Chaos In October

  16. US Accuses Syria of Chlorine Attack, Pledges to Not Let It Go ‘Unchallenged’

  17. Trump slams 4 congresswomen of color, 2 Jewish lawmakers as ‘Democrat savages’

  18. Pelosi-'President's betrayal of his oath of office' in announcing formal impeachment inquiry

  19. Trump announces $25 million fund, new business coalition to protect religious freedom

  20. US-Israel Defense Pact

  21. Donald Trump to send troops to Saudi Arabia and UAE

  22. Pompeo calls attacks on Saudi oil facilities ‘act of war’-Trump orders increase in sanctions on Iran

  23. Dangerous Implications Of US-Israel Mutual Defense Pact

  24. U.S. considers more intel sharing with Saudi Arabia after attack-sources

  25. U.S. blames Iran for Saudi oil attack, Trump says 'locked and loaded'

  26. Israel Applauds Trump’s Announcement on ‘Historic’ Defense Treaty

  27. Crude spikes after Saudi drone attack; Trump orders strategic release

  28. Trump's Peace Plan Includes Dividing Jerusalem, Ayelet Shaked Says

  29. Trump says he doesn’t believe report of Israel spying on White House

  30. You're fired! John Bolton quits at Trump's request

  31. Pompeo: Iran won’t get nukes on Trump’s watch

  32. Pompeo says Middle East peace plan will be announced in ‘weeks’

  33. Omar, Tlaib welcome decision ruling US terror watchlist unconstitutional

  34. Trump to impose 'social-credit score' to own a gun?

  35. PM, Trump said considering announcing plans for defense pact ahead of elections

  36. Florida Governor Declares State Of Emergency As Hurricane Dorian Gains Force

  37. Trump hits out at ‘crazed and incompetent’ Puerto Rican leaders after disaster bill fails

  38. Pompeo backs Israel's right to defend itself from Iran threats after Syria airstrike

  39. Iran’s Rouhani says no talks with Trump until sanctions are lifted

  40. White House: Trump Wishes He'd Boosted China Tariffs Higher

  41. US Stocks Fall +620 Points After Trump Orders US Companies to Move from China

  42. US Navy Ship Sails Through Taiwan Strait Amid Rising Tensions With China

  43. Could US forces be targeted amid Iran-Israel tensions in Iraq?

  44. Trump: US Jews who vote Democrat being ‘disloyal’ to Israel